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July 18, 2011

Reflections on the Current State of the U.S. Congress

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Recently, I have come across a bit of history concerning the Weimar Republic; yes, the government of Germany before and after WWI.  Prior to this reading, I have generally tried to compare America with the Roman Republic.  Both of these regimes, as republics, degenerated into dictatorships.  It is interesting to note that the last nail to close the coffin on both republics was their legislatures failure to govern responsibly, eventually conceding the power to make laws and allowing a person (Rome) or party (Weimar Republic) to make the laws.  When I have brought this topic to discussion, I usually get two responses–it can’t happen here or  just plain indifference.  Very few seem to be concerned.

While it is true that when one compares current happenings with historical similarities, there are differences–I would say there would have to be differences, this does not mean that on some abstract level above the mean and dirty details that possibilities of a similar nature are always exempted from happening; so, in this case, the possibility of the U.S. Republic reverting to a dictatorship of some sort is entirely plausible and the extreme bickering between the major parties could certainly be a big factor in such a development.

This ugly question rears its head, “Are the citizens of the U.S. on a course which will result in their losing its republican form of government?”  I hope not but the answer depends only on the action of those citizens who vote and the primary hope is that these voters attain the wisdom to choose representatives who will not put party above the country, something not attained for roughly 45 years, and there do not seem to be any indications of a reversal on the horizon.

Further speculation on this topic would be unwarranted but, here and there, the occasional article appears wherein a party member will bemoan certain consequences of the other party’s ruling tendencies, so it seems that the loss of our republic would definitely result in a lessening of our freedoms somewhere and anything more would be idle speculation.


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