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October 17, 2011

A Small Thought about Election Results

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Sometimes, when voting, I have a hard decision as to which candidate would be the least of evils and sometimes there are candidates for an office that I have never heard of before.  Oftentimes in these situations I would skip voting for that office or write in a name of a non-candidate, either of which is a vote equivalent to ‘none of the above’.  If I were serious about voting for my write-in choice I would make sure that that non-candidate’s name would be spelled correctly. I certainly can’t imagine that I am the only voter who does this; there are many missing numbers of votes,especially for the lesser offices.

Whatever the shortcomings, either the voter’s failure to chase down the relevant information about the candidates, the voter’s failure to make an unwarranted decision or the political machinery not putting out the relevant data, these ‘none of the above’ votes are never tallied and shown when the election results are made known.

I pose this question: Why should a candidate be placed into an elective office when the ‘none of the above’ votes outnumber his/her ‘for’ votes?  Furthermore,  Why shouldn’t there always be a ‘none of the above’ choice, which, if it receives more votes than any candidate, invalidate all listed candidates.  No doubt, problems would arise such as funding for additional elections or shifting the election to a different process or even not filling a vacated office, but that could be emended by changing the laws regarding the voting process–nothing insurmountable except for power hungry political parties which, I imagine, would be totally against this democratic choice.


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