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September 12, 2012

On Attacking Embassies

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This morning, September 12, 2012, Americans were greeted with the news that our embassies in both Egypt and Libya were attacked by citizens of those countries resulting in our Libyan ambassador with three other American citizens being assassinated–a totally unacceptable breach of international law.  While Mr. Obama’s speech appropriately extended consolation to the families of the victims it did nothing to address the seriousness of the attacks nor any possible actions that we would take.

It is my hope that the president will give another speech or speeches very shortly with these views and actions:

  • He states that these actions by the citizens of both Libya and Egypt constitute a declaration of war by these countries–embassies are sovereign territory.
  • He breaks off all diplomatic relations with these two countries and evacuates all American citizens.
  • He stop all foreign aid to the two countries.
  • He impounds all funds of the two countries residing in U.S. banks.
  • He impounds all funds of private citizens of the two countries residing in U.S. banks.
  • He will ask all countries of the world to do the same with such funds.
  • He will ask Congress to give him the authority to confiscate the impounded funds should any other breach of international law be committed by these two countries, definitely including harm to any hostages taken.
  • He states very unequivocally that military action against these two countries will occur until apologies are rendered, hostages are freed and full compensation has been received covering all the inconveniences of victims and their families and all destruction of U.S. and American private property.

I should also hope that all American patriots should ask nothing less from our president.


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  1. I see, according to the news, that Yemen needs to be added to the ‘act of war’ countries. There may even be more in the days to come. ‘Spiked’ claims these reactions are due to the West’s emphasis on a ‘no defamation’ policy, but fails to account for the Koranic attitude of Islam being a most superior religion. Unfortunately, Islam is rooted in people tending to be fanatical.

    Comment by Ron Toczek — September 14, 2012 @ 11:45 am

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