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About Me and This Blog

Biographical sketch:

I was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 31, 1934.  This probably makes me an old geezer and, yes, more conservative than my younger college days, but only in the sense that I now expect to ruminate on individual subjects knowing that I don’t know everything.

I was raised a Roman Catholic right through high school, (where I graduated as salutatorian) and have never wavered in my faith.  I went on to receive a B.A. in Liberal Arts at the University of Chicago and then an M.A. in Mathematics at the University of Utah.

I joined the U.S. Navy, went to OCS, taught at the Naval Nuclear Power School, became a veteran during the Berlin Crisis, got out in 1965 but remained in the Reserve until I made LCDR.

While on active duty I got married and later we moved to the St. Louis, Missouri area where I had three children and worked for the Defense Mapping Agency as a cartographer, data base specialist, and computer system analyst.

When the wife left and I wound up with the three kids, I moved to Libby, Montana where I still reside and hope that I did a good job of bringing them up(perfection neither required or achieved).  I have worked here as the chief in charge of the IT Department of the local national forest(a most inept organization), a logger, a delivery person and an engraver.  I have remarried and now I am more or less retired doing small engraving jobs and managing my retirement.

I enjoy reading, classical music, working Sunday crossword puzzles and sudoku puzzles, playing volleyball, mushroom foraging, singing(belong to two choirs), bridge playing and a host of much lesser activities too numerous to mention.  As far as mathematics is concerned, I enjoy working in symbolic logic by translating mathematical and physical theories into the language of symbolic logic.

I subscribe to the American Scholar, Atlantic Monthly, Harper’s Magazine,  Hedgehog Review, New Oxford Review, Science News,  Scientific American, Smithsonian, and Wilson Quarterly.

Blog Parameters:

These parameters are based on my viewing of the comments section in various other blogs.

1) All comments will be reviewed before being posted.

2) The purpose of this blog is to have a friendly, intellectual discussion of the topic presented without going astray.

3) No comment will be posted which contains any name-calling or invective.  Everyone is entitled to his or her argument be it weak or strong .

4) No comment will be posted if its grammar is faulty so as to make the argument unclear.

5) Spelling mistakes will not be tolerated.  If you can’t edit your comment before posting it, it shows your disregard for the person reading your comment and hence, gets classified as invective.  Of course, occasional typos are an exception.

6) Disagreements will be cheerily accepted provided they are supported by arguments.

7) Citing a name is not considered argumentative support but citing a name along with with the source article wherein the person’s argument resides is.

8) If you would like to have a discussion on a topic totally unrelated to any given post, please make the comment  to this “about page”.

About my posts:

I can see that many different formats will probably arise during the course of this blog but the most common should be ones that start from definitions.  I do not intend to cite any authors because my thoughts are generally compounded from many authors.  Remember the adage “There is nothing new under the sun.”


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