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Logic, Argumentation and Rhetoric

Philosophy – -argumentation, deductive reasoning, inferential reasoning, logic,  rhetoric


Sociology – -GW, climatology

Advice to Malthusians

Sociology – -Pessimism, Population

On Supreme Court Rulings, in Particular the McCain-Feingold Controversy

Specific rulings of SCOTUS, U.S. Government – -Corporations, Law, McCain-Feingold, Political Campaign Reform, Supreme Court, U.S. Constitution, corporate entities

Presidential Prerogatives

U.S. Government – -Congressional law, presidential directives, separation of powers

What’s wrong with the U. S. Constitution?

U. S. Government–Congressional law, de facto law, Impeachment, McCain-Feingold, Obama, presidential directives, Presidential emergency powers, Roe vs. Wade, separation of powers, State’s Rights, Supreme Court, U. S. Constitution

Alan Keyes and Constitutional Interpretation

Interpretation, U. S. Constitution, U. S. Government–Alan Keyes, inferior courts, Supreme Court

The Impeachment Process

Interpretation, U. S. Constitution, U. S. Government–Impeachment, Obama, parliamentary law, political parties, separation of powers, Supreme Court, treason, U. S. Constitution

Hypocrisy and the Obama Administration

U. S. Constitution, U. S. Government–Congressional law, hypocrisy, Impeachment, Obama, U. S. Constitution

Islam: Religion or Government?

Religion–Christianity, Islam, Middle East history


From Perceptions to Truth(Updated 2/9/2011)

Philosophy–abortion, belief, communication, continuity, Epistemology, fact, faith, finite existence, geometry, history, infinitesimal, infinity, knowledge, language, laws of nature, murder, observation, perception, physical/mathematical systems, proof, reasoning, statement, statement of fact, statement of view, tautology,truth


A Case of Gross Illogical Reasoning

Politics–economics, FDR administration, Great Depression, Hillsdale College, Keynes, Imprimis

Borrower’s Rights?

 Contract Considerations, Economics–account receivable, borrower, bundling, cash, contract, derivative, financial scheme, foreclosure, lender, mortgage, recession

Some Suggestions on Improving the Governance of the U.S.A. Part 1: Congress

U. S. Constitution, U. S. Government–corporate entities, democracy, founding fathers, lobbying, majority rule, republic, special interests, U. S. Constitution, U.S.Congress, XVII Amendment

On Obama’s Directive on Barring the Justice Department from Defending the Federal Marriage Act

Interpretation, U. S. Constitution–‘Marriage Act’, Executive Branch decisions


Politics, Sociology–cooperation, governing spheres, herd instinct, Individual human drives and wants, nation states

Stupidity in Congress?

Politics–autopen, Bush, Congressional law, Patriot Act, POTUS, precedent

Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Politics–separation of powers, Obama, Government debt, Republican Party, Constitutional provisions, Senator McConnell

Reflections on the Current State of the U.S. Congress

Governments–republic, Roman Empire, Weimar Republic, wisdom, voters, citizens

Freedom of Speech? Brown v. Entertainment Industries Assn.

Specific rulings of SCOTUS, U. S. Constitution–Congressional law, contracts, corporate entities, Eleventh Amendment, First Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, judicial precedent, State sovereignty, Supreme Court, U. S. Constitution

A Small Thought about Election Results

Voting–candidate choice, democratic option, none of the above

Constitutions, Laws and Equity

Organizations, Philosophy–bloc, constitutions, equity, government, judicial precedent, justice, laws, nation states, Robert’s Rules of Orders, SCOTUS

A Second Thought on Congressional Term Limits

U. S. Government–campaigner, Congressional representatives, consecutive terms, corruptive influence, lobbyist, war chest

Obama, Boehner and the Constitution

Politics–bully pulpit, Congressional law, Constitutional duty, deficits, legislative problem v. executive problem, party ideology


Presidential Eligibility, a Parliamentary View

Interpretation, U. S. Constitution, U. S. Government–Constitutionality, electoral process, natural born citizen, parliamentary law, president eligibility, SCOTUS, separation of powers

Presidential Recess Appointments

Interpretation, U. S. Constitution, U. S. Government–parliamentary law, presidential appointees, Senate Recess

Presidential Electability–A New Development

Interpretation, U. S. Constitution–presidential electability, State sovereignty

The HHS Mandate and Religious Institutions

Sociology–abortion, AFCA, contraception, equity, free market, health insurance, mandates, presidential directives

Susan G. Komen Foundation–I’m Disappointed

Sociology–abortion, contraception, Planned Parenthood, cancer risk, hate speech

EXTORTION–a Criminal Activity

Sociology–extortion, Islamic criminal actions, military and presidential shortcomings

In the Aftermath of the AFCA Decision by SCOTUS

Specific rulings of SCOTUS–conservative, freedom, legislative process, liberty, rhetoric

Legal Abortion? Blame Texas

Specific rulings of SCOTUS–abortion, State sovereignty

On Attacking Embassies

Foreign Policy, International Law–Responding to breach of international law

Government Reform–Part 1: Introduction

Reform, U. S. Government–government pay, non-profit organizations, Social Security and Medicare, taxes

The Devil and the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church–restoration of unity

An Apology (sort of), Plus Some Additional Comments on the Benghazi Debacle

Foreign Policy–honor, International Law, paid warriors, prudent precaution



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